The easter bunny and chocolate chickens

The easter bunny and chocolate chickens

Uncle George described himself proudly as a “fallen” Catholic.

George’s revolt against the conservative establishment of the Catholic Church may have been inevitable.

George had a genetic proclivity to poking sticks in the eyes of conformity.

As the oldest of 10, he had a responsibility to revolt against something and the Catholic Church was at hand.

In my grandmother’s house you could not swing a rosary without hitting a crucifix.

George had two uncles who were monsignors (“woulda been bishops but for the drink”) and three aunts who were Sisters of the Sacred Heart. (“the Three Sorrowful Mysteries”)

George’s two favorite targets of Catholic inconsistency were the Three Wise Men and the Easter Bunny.

He loved that the Church called three old guys that wandered out of the desert late for Christmas with inappropriate gifts the Three “Wise” Men.

George always referred to them as the Three Wise Guys and lobbied that they should be made the “patron saints of being late for dinner.”

George’s sarcastic bite was most vicious around Easter when in George’s personal befuddled, twisted and tangled cosmology those two great pillars of Catholic mystery, the Three Wise Guys and the Easter Bunny conspired.

When asked about the Easter Bunny, George would light his pipe sagaciously, and then explain that the Three Wise Men hung around after Christmas and were invited to the Last Supper.

Balthazar, the tall one, thought it was a costume affair and came dressed as a big pink bunny.

Because the Three Wise Guys were late again, they missed the group picture but got there in time for dessert.

Given the solemnity of the occasion there was no dessert to speak of so Jesus miracled a chicken they hadn’t eaten into chocolate for dessert.

Someone painted a miniature of the Last Supper with Balthazar dressed as a big pink bunny with that chocolate chicken.

And that’s how the Big Bunny and the chocolate chickens got into Easter.

A Beach Bistro

Menu Resurrection

It so happens that a story about Easter and resurrection is perfectly suited to our announcement of a new Beach Bistro style menu being resurrected at The Doctor’s Office.

This week “The Doc” is starting with a few Beach Bistro classics. We will be serving up the now famous Bistro Blue Tomato Soup and Susan & Sean’s invention, Lobstercargots.

The Kitchen will also be serving Duckling Foie Pate and tossing and serving Bistro’s Classic Ceasar Salad.

This week’s bigger plate feature will be The Bistro’s delicious Port-Braised Prime Beef Short Rib.

Enjoy some classic Bistro favorites

A Beach Bistro Menu

Everyone’s favorite food is BACON.

Sean also loves cabbages because pigs eat cabbages and turn them into BACON.

Sean and the Doctor’s Chefs are salivating over our two new bacon forays:

Pork Belly Style maple syrup roasted bacon, and The Big BLT with piles of American-style crispy bacon and heirloom tomatoes with spicy remoulade.

If you are worn out from praying in the long traffic lines of Easter week, wear your bonnet to the Doctor’s Office and find solace in a delicious and soothing Uncle George’s Chocolate Easter Cocktail and savor some uplifting bites from our newly risen Doctor’s Office offerings of Beach Bistro classic culinary miracles.

Want to feel better…?    Call the Doctor.

None of the real Doctors are answering
their phones anyway.


If you have a small place with great drinks and great food you need a reservation plan.

Thus, our evolving reservation program.

For reservations and conversation with a real human being … call the Doctor.

Or, if you are Easter parading about our neighborhood on Holmes Blvd, you can call for a walk-in clinic opportunity or a walk-off cocktail.

We will not accept reservations or admit parties larger than eight without special dispensation from the Three Wise Guys or the Easter Bunny.


The Doctor’s Office 


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