Chefs’ Specials

Choose from a savory selection of our Chefs’ specials. 
And, be sure to join us for Low Tea every evening, 5:30 ’til . . .

Banana’s Foster

Over vanilla bean ice cream — magical like our Garden.


World’s Best Rolls

Basket of house made, fresh baked brioche rolls.

With maple cinnamon butter.


Definitive Seafood Salad

Nova Scotian Lobster and Local Gulf Shrimp over Bibb Lettuce, tossed in a passionfruit vinaigrette.

Flanked by tropical fruits, pickled red onion and heirloom tomato.


Grouper Cooper

Pan seared, finished with an aurora sauce and poached lobster over chef’s mash.


Duckling Two Ways

Sous vide breast and leg confit, with demi and orange melba.

Mashed and asparagus.


Low Tea

Enjoy tea for two. “Boozey tea” served with little-sandwiches-with-the-crusts-cut-off, cheese, fruit, key lime squares and our cute little brioche rolls. Every evening from 5:30 ’til . . . 


Jailhouse Silver

Our silverware is not of the highest quality. We consider it a set if we bought the pieces at the Goodwill on the same day. We have discovered that the quality of the silverware does not affect the flavors. Feel free to steal the silverware. However, all of our artwork is for sale, please call (941) 213-9926.

Real Grouper

Our Grouper is real grouper. Most restaurants are serving a North Pacific codfish as grouper. Their codfish “grouper” has been twice frozen, and pumped with water and chemicals in Asia. Really. Their fish is soft and wet. Real grouper has a very firm, meaty flesh. Our Grouper is real and delicious.

Sous Vide

Our Steaks and chops are prepared in the sous vide method. The cut is seasoned, vacuum-sealed, then finished in a hot, swirling bath. Sous vide locks in the flavors of the food. Your sous vide steak will come to you a little over medium rare toward medium. It will taste great and be tender and juicy, but it will not bleed on you. Our beef is Prime American beef. Only 1% of all beef is “Prime.”

Reservations Are Suggested

Simply click the RESY button to schedule your appointment online:

You may also make your reservations by calling (941) 213-9926 after 11am daily.

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