The Doctor's Office Blog

Sean Murphy, Bistro owner, has written articles from time to time for the Anna Maria Island Sun and other periodicals.

Sean’s articles tend to be light-hearted and satiric. They feature anecdotes and musings from his forty-plus years in the restaurant life and his beginnings in the rocky coves of Nova Scotia.

We organize them here according to stories about his larger-than-life Uncle George, his observations about things culinary, “Food for Thought”, and reflections on beer, wine and spirits.

Our intention is merely to amuse. Occasionally there may be kernels of useful information embedded in the stories.


Written by Sean Murphy

Rack of Lamb from the Beach Bistro Summertime and the living is easy…and hotter. Shorts are dress-up wear – and maybe the only appropriate wear – in Florida in Summer. So I thought ... Read More


Written by Sean Murphy

Poutine from the The Doctor’s Office Canada’s two greatest exports have a shared heritage. I am talking Poutine and Hockey. They both came from rinks. I was born in Canada and lived there ... Read More

Bar Talk ... "Warm Coats"

Written by Sean Murphy

Bartenders are listeners. You sit at the bar. You drink. The Bartender listens. The topics can be tricky. The patron’s ex-wife.  This one is real tricky. The bartender has to try to kill this ... Read More

Mother's Day

Written by Sean Murphy

People ask me if my mom taught me how to cook. Truth is my mom was a lovely person but she could not cook worth a dam. Mom was Irish Catholic. She clung to the Irish cookbook like she clung to her ... Read More