Our Blog section is a collection of “Sean’s Ramblings” on all and sundry.

They are published here because he owns the place and because anyone who ever went to law school thinks they can write.

Some articles have been published elsewhere by editors desperate to fill space.”

Tequilla shots with salt on the rim of shot glasses and limes
Sean on All Things Alcohol


I was young and foolish. It was an evening of bad decisions. The first bad decision was to drink tequila. Salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon. As is

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burboun on a wooden table by an old wooden barrel
Sean on All Things Alcohol


When I am out for breakfast and the waiter asks, “What would you like to drink?” I always answer… “whiskey”. I guess I think it’s

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shots of vodka on a wooden table
Sean on All Things Alcohol


The origins of vodka are clouded in mystery. Historians say that it is impossible to ascertain with any certainty where and when it was first

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People voting behind a curtain all you see is their shoes
Sean's Uncle George

Vote For Uncle George

My Uncle George had moved from the cove to a nice suburban neighborhood. Nice lawns. Nice shrubberies. George hated shrubberies. He ripped out all the

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vote spelled with letterpress blocks

Election Day

It is election time on our island. We should be grateful that there are good and honest people running and that our island elections will

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Absinthe fairy in a green meadow
Sean on All Things Alcohol

Absinthe, the Green Fairy and Tulips

I think we should run Absinthe for President. Everybody loves Absinthe. The Absinthe fan club reads like an A-list of intellectuals and artists from the

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