Our Blog section is a collection of “Sean’s Ramblings” on all and sundry.

They are published here because he owns the place and because anyone who ever went to law school thinks they can write.

Some articles have been published elsewhere by editors desperate to fill space.”

Sean's Uncle George

Uncle George’s Zipper Parade

The Beach Bistro hosted another St Patrick’s Day Parade in March. The Parade was HUUGE…of inaugural proportions. I come from a long line of parade

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Sean's Uncle George

Uncle George and Caesar Salad

Uncle George loved breaking rules. He broke laws and norms gleefully and drove his neighbors to madness in the process. It could have been the

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Sean's Uncle George

Uncle George – Farm to Church

“Farm to Table” is a fable whose time has passed. My Uncle George made “farm to church” much more interesting. Uncle George was the closest

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Chef Inspired
Restaurant Tales

Table Four and the Big Fold-up

For decades the amazing Bistro food professionals have been exceeding patrons’ expectations, night after night. Sometimes the Bistro professionals have to be patient with “Chef”

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Outside of doctors office says cocktails on the top of the bar

Musicians and Restaurants

I chose not to have musicians play in my restaurants. Patrons gather at our tables for memorable conversation over great food. Live musicians are not

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Many red wine bottles stacked in a cellar
Spirit's Tales

The Riddling Rack

My Uncle George was the fountainhead for much of my instruction in the “Facts of Life”. George kept Playboys in his basement in a big

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