The Doctor's Office Blog

Sean Murphy, Bistro owner, has written articles from time to time for the Anna Maria Island Sun and other periodicals.

Sean’s articles tend to be light-hearted and satiric. They feature anecdotes and musings from his forty-plus years in the restaurant life and his beginnings in the rocky coves of Nova Scotia.

We organize them here according to stories about his larger-than-life Uncle George, his observations about things culinary, “Food for Thought”, and reflections on beer, wine and spirits.

Our intention is merely to amuse. Occasionally there may be kernels of useful information embedded in the stories.

Vote For Uncle George

Written by Sean Murphy

My Uncle George had moved from the cove to a nice suburban neighborhood. Nice lawns. Nice shrubberies. George hated shrubberies. He ripped out all the shrubberies and paved his entire property with ... Read More

Election Day

Written by Sean Murphy

It is election time on our island. We should be grateful that there are good and honest people running and that our island elections will not be influenced by money and Russians. When I was a kid back... Read More

Absinthe, the Green Fairy and Tulips

Written by Sean Murphy

I think we should run Absinthe for President. Everybody loves Absinthe. The Absinthe fan club reads like an A-list of intellectuals and artists from the last two hundred years. Hemingway, Renoir, ... Read More

Demon Rum

Written by Sean Murphy

The British navy ran on rum. Winston Churchill was at one time the First Lord of the Admiralty. When asked to make a toast to the “Great Traditions of the British Navy”, Churchill scowled and ... Read More


Written by Sean Murphy

The milestones of my life have been marked by rocks. Sounds redundant, but it is true. I grew up on the rocky shores of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is just one big rock sticking out into the North ... Read More