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Sean Murphy, Bistro owner, has written articles from time to time for the Anna Maria Island Sun and other periodicals.

Sean’s articles tend to be light-hearted and satiric. They feature anecdotes and musings from his forty-plus years in the restaurant life and his beginnings in the rocky coves of Nova Scotia.

We organize them here according to stories about his larger-than-life Uncle George, his observations about things culinary, “Food for Thought”, and reflections on beer, wine and spirits.

Our intention is merely to amuse. Occasionally there may be kernels of useful information embedded in the stories.

Musicians and Restaurants

Written by Sean Murphy

I chose not to have musicians play in my restaurants. Patrons gather at our tables for memorable conversation over great food. Live musicians are not generally compatible with that formula. Louder and... Read More

The Riddling Rack

Written by Sean Murphy

My Uncle George was the fountainhead for much of my instruction in the “Facts of Life”. George kept Playboys in his basement in a big wooden crate. Once the cousins found the crate the ... Read More


Written by Sean Murphy

I was young and foolish. It was an evening of bad decisions. The first bad decision was to drink tequila. Salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon, salt-tequila-lemon. As is often the case with Tequila ... Read More


Written by Sean Murphy

When I am out for breakfast and the waiter asks, “What would you like to drink?” I always answer… “whiskey”. I guess I think it’s funny. Technically it is correct. The ... Read More


Written by Sean Murphy

The origins of vodka are clouded in mystery. Historians say that it is impossible to ascertain with any certainty where and when it was first made. That’s because the people who were there were ... Read More